Informed or In the Dark?

image_communicationCommunication is often pointed to as the one area of organizational functioning that, if improved, will dramatically elevate trust levels and overall performance.  Why is this?

Fundamentally, it is about respect and discretionary effort.  Most employees are eager to do the work they were hired to do.  If, time after time, they find themselves in the dark on matters that affect them and their performance, they will soon become discouraged.   Further, it is demeaning to learn about important matters through an informal network of people who are insiders and get to know things first.  Moreover, if information is derived from gossip, it could be completely wrong, causing unintended worry or concern.  Turning this around is vital.

Stepping stones to there

 Are you communicating broadly across a variety of mediums?       Stepping stones provide a safe passage through deep water

Do you know the preferred methods of communication among employees?

Does your communication policy reflect emerging challenges?

Who is accountable to ensure that the message is actually received as intended and when intended?

Do you have feedback loops and methods to measure impact?

Does leadership model the communication values?

What can you expect?

image_meeting sharingThere is an abundance of research to confirm that transparent and consistent communication increases trust at all levels.  Further, when information is communicated from one’s immediate supervisor, it is appreciated and valued even more. People feel they count and that their efforts are appreciated. In other words, they feel valued which translates directly into feelings of belonging and inclusion, all vital to increased discretionary effort. This discretionary effort and a loyal, engaged workforce will keep you and your organization a step ahead across performance indicators. A communication audit is a great way to make sure you receive all the advantages of a well-informed, loyal workforce who are ready to scale tall buildings to achieve organizational goals. This would be enviable in today’s work environment. Have you tried improving your communication? Did you get the results you were looking for?


About leaderwalk

Diane Thompson is principal of Thompson Performance Consulting and is a practitioner in the field of organization development and design. Diane has 25 years of management experience in private and public organizations and is a keen observer and student of organizational dynamics and the factors that impact high performance. Diane's direct experience as a manager and her body of knowledge from her MA, Human Systems Intervention, converge to support clients and leaders with transition and change.
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