2011 Favourite posts

Two posts for 2011 were tracking closely for the top spot.  In first place was  As Welcome as the Flowers in Spring, which describes a positive and respectful workplace experience with images of spring and fall flowers.  This became the most viewed.

A close second was Cultivating Positive Emotionsalso focusing on positive workplace relationships with images of camaraderie.

Following in third place was Career Safety Net , which offers suggestions for career planning and enhanced productivity.

As I plan for 2012, I am reflecting on these posts and the themes that appear to resonate, such as positivity, hope, security, predictability and good will.  I am aware that my perceptions lean toward positivity, so these themes are flowing from my view of the world.   I am hopeful, however,  that some of the themes I suggest are true and  inspire change and positive actions as a new year begins.  Do these themes resonate with you?  Why?


About leaderwalk

Diane Thompson is principal of Thompson Performance Consulting and is a practitioner in the field of organization development and design. Diane has 25 years of management experience in private and public organizations and is a keen observer and student of organizational dynamics and the factors that impact high performance. Diane's direct experience as a manager and her body of knowledge from her MA, Human Systems Intervention, converge to support clients and leaders with transition and change.
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