The Stay Interview

A recent article suggested that Stay interviews could be a useful retention method.  Such a simple suggestion, but one with profound potential.  We have Exit interviews when someone is leaving, hoping to gain insight into circumstances that, if handled differently, might have reversed the  decision.  Exit interviews, however, tend to be disappointing since research shows that many employees are leaving their bosses, not their jobs.

Scheduling Stay interviews provides a structure to acknowledge and reward good performance and give positive feedback.  It’s an opportunity to put problems on the agenda and discuss them openly as well as informing about important issues.  Doing this on a regular basis, face-to-face, contributes to building trust.  Coach employees by helping them to set goals, plan their work and offer emotional support when needed.  Above all, be fair.   These leadership behaviours will stimulate a favorable climate characterized by fairness, trust, openness and constructive problem solving.  If effective, the Stay interviews might well exceed the Exit interviews.


About leaderwalk

Diane Thompson is principal of Thompson Performance Consulting and is a practitioner in the field of organization development and design. Diane has 25 years of management experience in private and public organizations and is a keen observer and student of organizational dynamics and the factors that impact high performance. Diane's direct experience as a manager and her body of knowledge from her MA, Human Systems Intervention, converge to support clients and leaders with transition and change.
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