As Welcome as the Flowers in Spring

My  “Best Boss” story is about a kindly, scholarly gentleman nearing retirement. Of all  the people I worked with and worked for, I remember him more than anyone else.   Tall, lanky and with failing eyesight and hearing, he was always respectful of everyone and, without fail, he had a broad, welcoming smile for all who visited him.  Whenever I approached his office, I did so mindfully as he was typically bent over some project, document, report or specimen, sometimes with a magnifying glass.  He was an eminent botanist.   I would always knock on the door of his cavernous office before I entered, even if it was open,…..and when he was aware I was there, he would turn to me with the broadest smile and boom out…..”Come In Diane! You are as welcome as the flowers in spring!”  And so, when he retired, I truly missed his warm welcome every day.  I recall him fondly, particularly in spring but also in the fall, as he often spoke proudly of his garden with fall chrysanthemums in all their blazing glory.  His love of nature and his display of courtesy and respect for all was defining.  He could not know the impact of his welcome to me every day – sometimes the small things are really big things.  His kindness and humanity live on with those who had the good fortune to know him.


About leaderwalk

Diane Thompson is principal of Thompson Performance Consulting and is a practitioner in the field of organization development and design. Diane has 25 years of management experience in private and public organizations and is a keen observer and student of organizational dynamics and the factors that impact high performance. Diane's direct experience as a manager and her body of knowledge from her MA, Human Systems Intervention, converge to support clients and leaders with transition and change.
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